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"Leaders must be willing to sacrifice more then those they lead"


Dartmouth football player targeted by racial slur awaits apology, says coach

Halifax police union says officer did nothing wrong in viral video, Black community advocates disagree

Halifax leaders call for transparent probe into ‘disturbing’ police encounter with Black man

Video shows Halifax police officer threatening Black man at gunpoint: “I will fill you full of fuckin’ lead”

Interview with CBC Information morning in Cape Breton

Inaugural Dr Agnes Caliste Youth Voices Circle

2020 Halifax Pride Ambassadors

Halifax board of Police Commissioners dips a pinky toe into Defunding the police discussion

Halifax Police Board to consider appointing committee to define "defunding" the police

Game Changers 902 Speaks out against racism

"Walk With Demario"

Art Pays Me Podcast with Duane Jones

Halifax Advocate speaks out against protests and riots

Activist DeRico Symonds speaks out against racism

Calling all allies: Black Nova Scotians seek support

Hundreds turn up to anti-racism rally in Spryfield

It is time for white people to get down to work

Haligonians protest police brutality on police headquarters doorstep

Joy & Love against Halifax police brutality

The history I learned was from a colonial lens




Police crimes can erode public trust

"Lead by example" - Brand New View Podcast feature

"Halifax Police Officers, Crime can erode public trust" - CBC article

"Being Black  in the Education" - Nova Scotia Teachers Union Article

The Give Back 2019 - The Coast

"Youth in Halifax Need Good Jobs"- The Coast - Voice of the People

"It just has to be a complete ban" - Halifax Street Checks March

Being Black in the Education System Panel discussion

"Nova Scotia Conference Inspires Black Youth to Be Leaders"


Halifax Mayoral congratulations

"Lead by example" - Brand New View Podcast

Halifax students learn about systemic racism from community leaders

Recipient of the Dr Burnley "Rocky" Jones Nova Scotia Human Rights Award

2018 Human rights Awards presented

Mount Saint Vincent University - Article on Black Student Support Role

The Give BACK & Dartmouth Rotary



Global News Halifax - Feet For Phoenix Sneaker Drive


Metro News - Justice Arts & Youth Action

The Give BACK - Self started initiative to provide Christmas dinner's to families in need

Metro News - Halifax Heroes segment

Metro News - Future Roots Youth & Halifax Ramp Up Project

The Coast - Struggling to understand gun violence in the city

CBC - Free Portable ramps making Halifax more accessible

Global News - Future Roots Official Launch

Nova Scotia Change Makers

Metro news article - Mulgrave Park Spread The Love Day

Global Morning/Global evening article - Mulgrave Park Spread The Love Day



CBC News - Future Roots

Irving & Ruth Pink Award for Youth Development & Social Justice

Global News - Future Roots

MSVU Afrocentric Society Fashion Show

MSVU - Sheila & Stephanie Alt Memorial Award



MSVU Student Article



MSVU Student Feature Article

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