The Give BACK

Because everyone has a role to play

What is The Give BACK?

The Give BACK is an annual Christmas Holiday initiative, taking a collaborative communal approach to assisting families across Halifax Regional Municipality who may be experiencing economic challenges and difficulty providing a Christmas dinner for their family. The Give BACK recognizes that not every family is excited for the holidays, each year families are stretched with the decisions like paying rent and bills or providing a Christmas meal. The Give BACK is an initiative that works to pool the resources of the Halifax Regional Municipality communities to make it our collective responsibility to take care of each other.

How did it begin?

In 2016, DeRico Symonds a Youth & Community Worker from Halifax, Nova Scotia recognized a need and realized that throughout the year not all families are excited when the Holiday season comes around. Coming from the Bayer’s Westwood Public Housing community in Halifax also known as “The Pubs” DeRico Symonds has had a fair share of humbling experiences himself. Spending over 10 years working in a variety of communities in the Halifax Regional Municipality DeRico Symonds has recognized that the Holiday season doesn’t always mean fun, smiles and great food for everyone.

Progress Since 2016

Since 2016, The Give BACK raised approximately $8,750 from community member donations in the Halifax Regional Municipality. The money raised helped provide 99 families across HRM with a Christmas meal, toys for kids or a grocery gift card. The Give BACK since 2016 also donated approximately 150 pounds of canned goods $900 to Feed Nova Scotia.

How can you support?

Not everyone has the ability to contribute financially but everyone has the ability to care.There are 3 ways to be involved:

1) Share, post & talk about The Give BACK

(2) Become a Give BACK ambassador (Very limited Positions , selections will be done by nomination and selection)

Contact DeRico Symonds for details!

Wave to our ambassadors!

The Give BACK ambassadors will be out in the community raising funds to contribute to our goal of 300lbs of canned goods. These canned goods will go to the amazing efforts of Feed Nova Scotia. All official ambassadors will be wearing the shirt below.