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Tyree Haley grew up in the Bayer's Westwood community (The Pubs). Tyree completed his Bachelor of Business Administration degree while playing varsity basketball at Memorial University in Newfoundland. After graduating in 2015, Tyree began his career as a financial advisor working for Scotiabank in Newfoundland. Tyree now works as a financial advisor at Credit Union Atlantic In Halifax. "It doesn’t matter your age, your past, where you grow up or your background; if you set your goals and remain true to them, anything is possible"

Breena Dorey was born and raised in the Mulgrave Park community in the North End of Halifax. Breena completed a Child & Youth Care Diploma at NSCC in the Human Services division. Breena has worked for Phoenix Youth Programs as a Community Outreach Worker for 3 years. Breena currently works for the Province of Nova Scotia as a Access Facilitator. “I have been through very hard times but the thing for me is that I did not give in. I want people to know to keep on pushing, take support when it comes you way and continue to smile because things can get better!”