What is Future Roots?

Future Roots is a youth social enterprise operating out of Veith House in north-end Halifax. Future Roots employs youth aged 13-17 years old and uses a two pronged approach by providing employment opportunity and youth engagement at an early age. Future Roots provides youth with employability skills and employment experience, certificate training as well as peer mentoring and leadership. Young people have taken on a wide array of jobs, youth have taken on leaf raking, yard clean-up as well as snow and ice removal; Future Roots plans to expand to other parts of HRM in due time.

To date Future Roots has been hired by several business and organizations such as, North-End Business Association, Narratives in Space + Time, HRM Mobile Food Market, Needham Garden and the city of Halifax for their "Ramp Up" Project.

At Future Roots we know that it is difficult landing a job, we are providing young people with skills, training and employment experience at an early age to provide a head start on the world of employment.

We believe in collective impact at the development of youth is the responsibility of everyone that is why our social enterprise is built around the following concept.

"In the hands of our youth for the good of our community, In the hands of the community for the good of our youth"

** Future Roots has been discontinued as of September 2017. Although Future Roots did not develop and flourish as expected I believe this to be a great example of young people working together change their community*

For All Future Roots Inquiries

Future Roots Coordinator Ashley Linden

Phone -902-704-1558

Email - [email protected]

Future Roots in the media

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